The Lustrum Project is a challenge to do something new at least once a week for a period of five years.

There are only four rules for this project:

1. At least one new activity or sight  must be accomplished every week- You can blog about it from a later date, but no hoarding activities for rainy days!

2. The week begins on a Monday and finishes on Sunday.

3. Activities that take place after midnight on Sunday still count as a continuum of the previous week (unless you went to bed before the event). No sleep= Sunday night, sleep + after midnight = Monday morning.

4. You may visit a place you have been before if there is something occurring that you haven’t yet seen- like a new museum exhibit. However, you can’t repeat that location again and you can only blog about it once.

Now get out there and explore your neighborhood, city, country, and world!

About the author:

Stephanie Potell is a writer and English teacher currently living in Colombia. When not working, she is out exploring and practicing her Spanish. You can contact Stephanie by email: spotell(at)gmail.com

5 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hey Stephanie, I’ve just read your about me and seen you’re based in Colombia! Gosh Medellin was my home for all by 3 months but I never wanted to come home (funds were the reason). Really looking forward to following your journey and I will give you a shout if I ever return 🙂 all the best with your project.

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