The Finders Keepers Markets: Week 217

Finders Keepers Market Autumn/Winter 2015: Sydney, Australia

The Finders Keepers is a super hip craft fair that takes places twice a year inside the Australian Technology Park in Sydney. It is pretty much Etsy in flesh and bones and it draws quite a large crowd. The hall was originally a locomotive workshop, so it definitely lends a shabby chic atmosphere to the markets.

Barret and I paid a small donation to enter the event center and we were immediately swept away by the crowd. There was everything from clothing to candles in the shape of doll heads that, when burned, exposed a waxy pink brain.

The Finders Keepers Market- You Me & Bones Candles: Sydney, Australia

My guilty pleasure at craft fairs is quality ceramics and the best products I found were at a small booth called Skimming Stones. The artist who designed the collection of six plates worked in collaboration with a Japanese ceramic company named Kihara.

Skimming Stones plates at The Finders Keepers markets: Sydney, Australia

The result was an interesting fusion of Australiana with the traditional blue and white colors of Arita pottery. Barret and I couldn’t resist a plate with the kookaburra. They are very cheeky birds that sound like monkeys and one once stole the food right out of Barret’s mouth.

The Finders Keepers Markets - Fluffe Cotton Candy: Sydney, Australia

The queues for the food trucks were very long, so I made the sensible decision to buy a piña colada flavored cotton candy with a pink umbrella. Later on, while Barret was distracted, I made another sensible decision to buy a ceramic necklace in the shape of a giant piece of macaroni.

Flower vendor at The Finders Keepers market: Sydney, Australia

There was so much to see that it took us just under two hours to visit only half of the booths. I was also trying to photograph all of the cute stuff I saw, but it wasn’t easy with the crowds.

Bowtie vendor at The Finders Keepers market: Sydney, Australia

Towards the exit, and a few stalls down from a Polaroid booth, Barret and I found screen printed tea towels. At this point we were running low on cash, but we scraped up enough for two. One had Sydney scenes and the other had sketches of terrace homes. I had a sinking suspicion that our luggage was going to be overweight, but it was definitely worth it.

Vendor business cards at The Finders Keepers markets: Sydney, Australia

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Glebe Markets – Week 127

Two vendors at the Glebe Markets: Sydney, Australia

If Paddington is for the stylish and Eveleigh is for the gourmand, then Glebe Markets is for the Bohemians. Every Saturday, like clockwork, the vagabond jugglers and hair stylists convene to spin their wares and weave feathers into their customer’s hair. On the other hand, the Glebe Markets attract more than just the dreadlocked.

Under the shade of the Eucalyptus trees, entrepreneurial bakers enticed shoppers with rosewater cupcakes and cocoa bridgadeiros (Brazilian bonbons made with butter and condensed milk). Alongside the professional vendors, college students set up metal clothing racks in the brightest patches of lawn and offered their best second-hand clothing. The prices always lowered as the day wore on and the merchants wilted in the afternoon sun.

Sydney Designer Daniel Cozens and his cockatiel at the Glebe Markets

Glebe Markets is also where artisans like Daniel Cozens of Mountainboat Design sell repurposed gifts. If his beard-snuggling cockatiel hadn’t caught my eye, I might not have noticed his quirky potted plants- each manicured succulent rested right inside a stack of books. Words still out on whether cockatiels are effective salesmen, but they definitely draw a crowd. I just hope Daniel never walks into the Manly Beach guy with the cat on his shoulder.

Although I have been to the markets before, this was the first time I was on a photography mission with my friend Shweta. Usually I’m more timid when taking a stranger’s photo, but having a photo buddy and a goal really helps. In fact, after a few shots I realized that most people will either ignore you or gladly pose for a photo. Well, everyone except for the fortune-teller, but how was I to know that? I’m not the psychic.

Sydney designer David Attewell at the Glebe Markets

Shweta and I had a tentative shoot list and a time limit for the Glebe Markets, but I was able to sneak in just enough time to buy Barret a shirt from local designer David Attewell. His organic and hand-painted shirts were minimalistic in a very thoughtful and conscious way. I bought a black shirt with a brown dandelion-head pattern and snapped a picture just before our thirty minutes was up.  I was looking forward to our post-shoot review- not only is Shweta a motivated and talented photographer, but she also makes the most delicious cup of Chai. Lucky me!

How to get to the Glebe Markets: 40 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037

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