Hayden Orpheum: Week 203


Barret once read that the more you remember a memory, the more it changes. This suggests that the truest memories are the ones that you’ve mostly forgotten about until they randomly pop up out of nowhere.

If that’s true, there’s a recurring memory I’ve had for so long that it’s bound to be completely fictional by now. It’s short, like a movie trailer, and takes place on a rainy day in the city.

If pressed to describe the scenery I would say gentrified LA. If pressed further, I would say the setting has the ambiance of the educational video series I watched in my high school Spanish class. The film quality of Destinos had that soft early-90s blur that I think is very appropriate for my childhood memories.


The only notable thing that happens in this recollection is that I take cover from the weather at a movie theater. I go in the door, take my seat, the screen starts to glow and that’s it. The end. There’s no other interaction that might give this memory some significant meaning, but the weird thing is though- any time it rains in the city, in any city, it reminds of this memory and that makes me happy.

Which is why, when everyone at work was bummed about the rainy weather, I was looking forward to meeting my friends at the Hayden Orpheum. It’s a beautiful art deco cinema on the North Shore that was dates back to 1935.

The glow of neon in the misty rain, the smell of butter popcorn, the swish of velvet curtains parting- I was halfway around the world but I somehow I was back home just in time for our movie to begin.


How to get to the Hayden Orpheum: 380 Military Road, Cremorne NSW 2090

3 thoughts on “Hayden Orpheum: Week 203

  1. In the summer of 1991 when you were seven years old, you went to see ‘My Girl’, a matinee showing at a strip mall theater in Fresno, California. Just before entering the theater door from the uncovered parking lot, it began to rain. Within seconds the rain became hail: large and potentially dangerous hailstones falling from an ominous, darkened sky. Could this be the basis of your memory? Vada Sultenfuss?


    • That just might be it! It could also explain why I loved that movie so much. One of my other childhood favorites was Fern Gully and I remember Dad accidentally slamming the car door on my leg right when I was getting out.


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