Vine: Week 194

Vine Double Bay: Sydney, Australia

The dinner had been a suggested surprise- as in I suggested to Barret that he should plan a surprise for our anniversary. It was a weekend morning when I caught him completely off guard with my idea and he almost sunk his foot into a landmine before realizing that it would be a fabulous idea to celebrate six wonderful years together. And of course he knew just the thing to do!

When we showed up at Vine for our 6pm reservation, we were the first people in the restaurant. It was the kind of place you walk into and suddenly wish you knew more culinary terms because things like fregola were on the menu and I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t know what that was. I also didn’t know if I was allergic to it (turns out I am, but it was a delicious mistake).

A few of my colleagues knew Barret was planning something and come Monday morning they wanted a report. The French-Australian cuisine was delicious, the wine perfectly matched, and the service impeccable. So as we headed out the door there was only one more thing I needed to know before I could complete my glowing review.

“Barret, are we going to take a taxi?”

“No. The bus stop is just at the end of the road.”

“You know this is going in the ‘report’ right?”

“Yes, and I want it to be noted that I know it’s going in the report and I still want to take the bus.”

“Ok. So what you’re saying is that six years together and I still haven’t earned a taxi ride home?”


“When will I have earned it?”

“When you’re old and can’t walk anymore.”

“Fair enough.”

I can’t wait to see what the next 50 years will bring.

How to get to Vine: 2 Short Street, Double Bay NSW 2028

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