Scandinavian Film Festival: Week 176

Scandinavian Film Festival 2014 in Sydney

Sweden reminds me of: little strawberries that stain fingers red, twenty-four hour sunlight, swimming in frigid water, and picking flowers. Those aren’t the most obvious connections, but that was my experience and what Sweden means to me.

So when I heard about the Scandinavian Film Festival, I was interested to see a movie about Sweden through someone else’s eyes. Barret and I chose a romantic comedy named Hemma (Home) that was screening at the Palace Cinema in Leichhardt. Like so many other theaters in Australia, it lacked the sticky psychedelic carpets and nacho carts of my American childhood.

The lobby was stained concrete and decorated with wire furniture in earth tones. The scent of butter popcorn and gourmet coffee wafted across the room. A few patrons sat inside black leather booths and licked hand-scooped ice cream. A large glass wall overlooked a balcony and the main street below.

It was almost too nice of a day to be indoors, but the movie was worth it. Unlike a majority of rom-coms which revolve around absurdly farfetched scenarios, Hemma focused on funny dialogue and quirky characters.

Most importantly though, there was a scene where a bunch of people jump into the frigid ocean. How reassuringly Swedish.

About: the Scandinavian Film Festival

How to get to Palace Norton Street: 99 Norton Street, Leichhardt NSW

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