BYO Cinema at Central Park: Week 175

Central Park: Sydney, Australia

For as long as I’ve been in Sydney, at least as long as I can remember, there has been a construction site near Central Station. The levels kept rising, as any build would, but once they reached their apex this odd cantilevered part stuck out. Then there were plants. Lots of them. They grew up the walls of the building in tiger strip patterns and spilled over the edge like urban Spanish moss.

It became one of those buildings where every time you walk by you have to look up and make some sort of comment on the progress. I wonder what that shiny thing is? How are they going to wash those windows? How long will the plants survive up there?

Eventually the construction ceased and Central Park opened. The residential towers rose above a mix of retail shops and restaurants. During the day the cantilevered section glittered like the surface of water and at night it twinkled like a web of LED threads.

One day Barret and I finally walked inside Central Park and found the inside as verdant as the outside. The escalator was surrounded in a leafy whirlpool and perky little succulents adorned the patio tables.

We also discovered that the third level of the building housed a non-profit arts organization called Brand X. They provide, “subsidised workspace and creative development programs alongside facilities where artists can traverse the entire creative process from development to presentation.” It was pretty amazing, considering the cost of real estate, that Central Park had galleries and studios set aside for independent artists.

While the work was great, Barret and I were most interested in the BYO Cinema on Tuesday nights. Guests were obviously encouraged to bring their own alcohol and food, but that was only half the story. Participants could also bring their own ‘cinema experience’: a rug, a pink flamingo, a bathrobe, a purple unicorn, anything.

After going over a mental checklist of the stuff we owned, I decided the easiest theme would be a campsite. Tuesday evening I raced home from work and packed the inflatable mats, tin cookware, trail mix, wine, headlamps, pillows, and picnic blanket. On the way out the gate I stopped for a handful of broken eucalypt branches and stuffed them in my bicycle basket.

Ticket to BYO Cinema at Central Park: Sydney, Australia

I looked a little crazy walking into the shiny new building with a clutch of branches under my arm, but the guy at the door appreciated my bundle. “Oh my God!” He exclaimed as he gave me a clip of film for my ticket, You brought the fags!

While I inflated the mats Barret began to make a ‘campfire’. He put a blinking red bike light inside a paper bag to soften the glow and then piled up the branches around it in a conical shape. The result was a soft, flickering campfire that we could all gather around.

Just before the documentary began, the event organizers made an announcement about the upcoming film schedule. “I would also like to point out the winner for the best theme tonight because the bar has been set to a new level. Everyone, please take a look at the campsite and their fire!”

Not only was the evening’s documentary very interesting, but we also won a bottle of champagne and a DVD. It was such a fun experience that I’m already thinking about the next theme. I love Central Park, I love BYO Cinema, and above all I think my friends would say I love winning.

About: Central Park

About: Brand X

About: BYO Cinema

2 thoughts on “BYO Cinema at Central Park: Week 175

  1. Congrats on winning. But I’m now also wondering what ‘that shiny thing’ is? Central Park’s website doesn’t explain.


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