The Red Bicycle: Week 148

Riding my bike into downtown Sydney

Anything that doesn’t fit in my backpack feels like a big commitment. This was the reason why I didn’t want a bicycle.

“But we can resell the bikes when we leave!”

Barret tried his best, but I still wasn’t convinced. I was also not keen on the idea of arriving at work covered in sweat and having to change clothes.

“What if I forget to pack pants?”

“You won’t.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Well then you’re just stuck wearing your shorts.”

“No,” I shook my head. “That’s not going to work for me.”

And so I remained at this impasse until I began a new job in downtown Sydney and finally admitted to myself that I was a settled-down government employee. My backpack rule might have made me feel much more nomadic and unencumbered, but it wasn’t getting me to work any faster.

Barret bought me a red bicycle for Christmas and over the holiday break I did a test run to my office. It started at the top of a steep hill, ran around a park, and then crossed Pyrmont Bridge. During peak pedestrian hours, park rangers along the bridge scowl and wave orange cones to remind the bicyclists to slow down.

Five minutes further is the parking entrance to my building and where the bike lockers are. The greatest thing I discovered was that the ride only took 15-20 minutes compared to the 35-40 minutes on the bus. Even in summer I barely broke a sweat.

Now that I get around so much faster I can’t imagine wanting to walk everywhere again. Barret quickly got himself a bicycle as well and now the both of us save money on bus fares. Best of all though, I can carry all the heavy groceries up the hill in my basket.

Yes, Barret does have some clever ideas sometimes.

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