Aroma Festival: Week 123

The Aroma Festival at the Rocks, Sydney

The Rocks, one of the earliest convict settlements in Australia, was the location for the annual Aroma Festival. Its cobbled precinct dates back to the late 1700s and on a sunny day it is common to see brides roaming the streets in search of the perfect backdrop.

There was a lot on offer during the Aroma Festival like specialty roasters, tasting workshops and a mosaic made from 8,000 cups of coffee. The only problem was that thousands of other Sydneysiders had the same idea as Barret and I.

We spent the first hour walking in circles in search of a short coffee queue.  I thought the further we walked from the festival center the shorter the lines would be, but I was wrong. We just ended up at the weekend Rocks Markets nibbling on the most delicious Earl Grey macarons.

Still determined to sample some coffee, we finally got in line like everyone else. Twenty-five minutes later we were savoring flat whites and doing that annoying thing people do when they walk past a long line. “Oh man, we just beat the crowd! I’m glad we’re not at the back of that!”

We then went straight into another line. The coffee was good, but it was impossible to compare the different roasters against each other because we’d finished our first drink long before we bought the second. Barret and I could have split up, but that’s like asking peanut butter and jelly to stop being so delicious together and that’s just impossible.

After a few hours and a really long kebab queue we had reached that point in which waiting in lines had lost all its appeal. I can’t say I learned anything about coffee except that I only like it with lots of milk and that the coffee ‘bean’ is really the seed of the coffee fruit.

Now that I know this, I like to think of coffee as roasted fruit juice. This is obviously incorrect because the very definition of ‘juice’ is the extraction of liquids without the use of heat, but I don’t care. Who says I can’t have a cup of roasted fruit juice with a lashing of frothy cow juice at eleven o’clock in the afternoon? Who?

About the Aroma Festival

About the Rocks Markets

2 thoughts on “Aroma Festival: Week 123

  1. I don’t have a problem with a good mix of roasted fruit and cow juice, but I think that drinking this at eleven o’clock in the afternoon is going to present a puzzlement.


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