Vivid: Week 118

Sydney Opera House during the Vivid light festival: Sydney, Australia

You must understand- my brother has questionable taste.

He has two watches (depending on the outfit) and both are identical. The fact that neither of them still tell time is irrelevant.

He will buy a gym pass to maintain his level of ‘physical excellence’ and then live off of strawberry jam and white bread.

If you send him to the supermarket he will send you this text: Hey I picked up some groceries- mostly fruit and juice.

So when my brother told me how much he liked the Vivid Sydney light festival, you can understand my reluctance. Sure everyone else couldn’t stop talking about how great it was, but it also just received my brother’s stamp of approval… and the last thing he gave his stamp of approval to was a can of tomato paste. Trust me Steph, it’s just as good as pasta sauce.

Sydney Harbour during the Vivid light festival: Sydney, Australia

The two week festival was as its end when I finally decided to heed my brother’s advice. Actually, I only ended up going because Monday was the Queen’s Birthday. While not actually her birthday or even a holiday celebrated in England, I was feeling rather amenable because of a three-day weekend.

To my surprise, what I discovered was far more expansive and enjoyable than I had given my brother credit for. From Darling Harbour to the Opera House and across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, there were 66 light features in all and they ran the gamut from interactive to reactive to decorative.

Sydney Harbour during the Vivid light festival: Sydney, Australia

Barret, Kyle and I found the best viewing spot at the International Ferry Terminal in Circular Quay (where all the guests disembark from the large cruise ships). Not only was the building facing the Opera House, but it also had a tower which overlooked Campbell Cove and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Museum of Contemporary Art during the Vivid light festival: Sydney, Australia

The obvious standout pieces were the ones projected on the front of buildings like the Opera House, Customs House and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The projections were so tailored to their canvas that they made the buildings look like they were shifting, spinning or crumbling apart.

The projection for the Opera House during the Vivid light festival: Sydney, Australia

Even the lighting equipment was kind of impressive. The beacon above was the projection booth for the Opera House.

Vivid Terminal Bar at the Vivid light festival: Sydney, Australia

After admiring the harbor we entered the Vivid Terminal Bar via an illuminated geodesic dome. The bar was a pop-up affair lit by giant glowing cubes and sponsored by the Australian vino juggernaut Yellow Tail. The wine was good, the ambiance was inviting, and the light features were awesome.

My brother was right. Did I just write that?

Was this a fluke or had he finally developed good taste? I was confused until I noticed Kyle decline a glass of wine in favor of a Jaffle- an excessively sugary stuffing toasted between two slices of white bread.

Good taste? Haha. Yeah right.

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2 thoughts on “Vivid: Week 118

  1. Your perspective of your brother is as sharp and colorful as the images you took of Vivid. Jaffles? I thought the art of making a good Jaffle became a thing of the past in the nineteen fifties. It’s good to see Kyle picking up the Jaffle iron where I had laid it down long ago.


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