ARQ Sydney: Week 99

ARQ Sydney: photo by

Oh my God!”

A tall slender boy approached. His hair was bleach blond and swept straight off his scalp into a quiff; a throwback to the pompadour.

The lights were dim. Laser beam trajectories pivoted down from the ceiling and ran over us as if we were supermarket goods. I didn’t know this guy so I closed my eyes and kept dancing in the hope that would clear up the confusion.

Oh my God!” He cried again.

He halted right before me with a bewilderingly familiar smile spread across his carefully made-up face. His eyebrows hovered high upon his brow indicating amazement and incredulity.

“J Law!”


“J Law. Jennifer Lawrence. Hunger Games? You look just like J Law!”

I don’t look anything like Jennifer Lawrence.

AH….” he gasped, “HUGS!”

It was a delicate hug, the kind you would give a celebrity after a surgical procedure.

“You know what,” I paused to sip on my rum and coke, “most people tell me I look like Daryl Hannah.”


This boy was clearly younger than me. Barret and I listed a few films from the 80s, the same decade his shirt referenced, but it drew blanks. Finally we mentioned Kill Bill.

“You remember the lady with the one eye patch?”

Oh my God!”  That struck a chord. “HUGS!”

Then I mentioned our group of three was from the US- he received it like a dramatic reveal on Extreme Home Makeover.

“Oh my God. Oh my God!

I really was beginning to feel famous. Too bad the bouncers hadn’t had the same reaction, I would have saved twenty-five dollars. Living in Las Vegas had definitely spoiled me- getting into world-class clubs for free made me very reluctant to pay any entrance fee.

ARQ Sydney bills itself as the only purpose-built entertainment venue in Sydney. Its website also states that it took five years to research and build, which left me feeling a bit cynical. After working in liquor licensing I wondered how much “research” had been simply dedicated to paperwork and impact statements instead of design and upgrading air conditioning systems.

I still hadn’t figured out the purpose for the carpeted foyer which was separated from the dance floor by an annoyingly slow revolving glass door.

Can my friend and I dance with you guys?”

“Of course!”

I will never be a famous actress and ARQ will never be a premier destination, but at that moment it was fun to pretend.

At the very least, I could just dance like I really was talented and famous.

How to get to ARQ Sydney: 16 Flinders Street Darlinghurst NSW

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