World of Wearable Art: Week 82

The World of Wearable Art is an international event that showcases some of the most wild and imaginative costumes in the world. While the yearly choreographed show only plays for a limited time, the garments can be enjoyed year round at the World of Wearable Art & Classic Cars Museum in Nelson.

The costumes Barret and I saw were among the best of the best from the 2011 show in Wellington. It is hard and expensive to get good tickets. Trust me, I tried and the only seats left were partially obscured by pillars. For those on a tight budget though, the museum theater screened the entire 2011 show.

Categories run the gamut from Bizarre Bras to the Avant Garde to a Children’s Section. It was inspiring to see such a high degree of detail, and with each piece I became more and more enthusiastic.

“Barret, I think we could make something. We could start off small- maybe a Bizarre Bra?”

“Hmm. Maybe.”

“What kind of bra would you make?” I continued to probe.

Barret considered my question for a moment before confidently replying, “A reverse bra.”

What?” I was not expecting that answer. “How would that work? Would the cups be sagging down?”

Like the practical outdoors-man he is, Barret wanted a strapless bra that shifted the weight from the shoulders to the hips. After he explained the mechanics, I began to picture an amalgamation between an upside down tent and a hiker’s backpack. Sexy, I know.

Even though it was forbidden, I so badly wanted to take photos. However, after watching the 2011 awards show video reel, I realized there’s a reason it’s called a wearable art competition. The magic disappeared when the clothes hung on a dress form. They only came to life when they were being worn; when they crept and slid and danced across the stage. The clothes might make the man, but in the world of wearable art, it is the man that makes the clothes.

How to get to the World of Wearable Art & Classic Cars Museum: Cadillac Way, Annesbrook 7011

2 thoughts on “World of Wearable Art: Week 82

  1. The obvious comment would be, “Wow!” And so I am going this time for the obvious; but what a fascinating competition. Thanks for writing about it.


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