Wellington Botanic Gardens: Week 69

It might have only been a short distance from the retail shops on Lambton Quay, but as the cable car made its first stop at Talavera Terrace, Barret and I were suddenly transported to a quiet hillside suburb filled with green gardens.

Tring tring.

I have been thinking about how to describe the Botanic Gardens, but I am sure you have already seen some form of vegetation in your life. Just imagine what that looks like, multiply it, and don’t forget to include beautiful weather. It just happened to be one of those rare sunny Wellingtonian days that motivate people to go outdoors and enjoy the lush green winter foliage. Truthfully, it is a little difficult to find something to write about when everything went according to plan.

We set up our meal amongst the thorny spindles of a cactus garden because it felt vaguely reminiscent of home and shared swigs from a water bottle filled with sauvignon blanc. Our food was delicious and surprisingly enough I didn’t drop any of it on myself. Once again the stars had aligned and there was nothing disastrous to report- except… a barefoot woman tiptoed past us, supported by the arm of her date. I know, right? After lunch we stumbled out of the cacti garden and followed the winding path down the hill.

The last garden we passed through before reaching city center was the Bolton Street Memorial park; an old cemetery for the early Wellington colony. The weather-worn marble tombstones were sprouting soft tufts of green moss and looked completely out of place straddling a busy highway.

By the time we reached the end of a pedestrian bridge the alcohol had worn off and I was thinking about my new job starting the following morning. Since we were in the vicinity, Barret and I walked past the building and counted up ten floors to where my desk was waiting for me. It might not be interesting to write about days that run smoothly, but I really hoped Monday morning would be as unexceptional and well-run as our picnic.

How to get to the Botanic Gardens:

There are many entrances to the Garden including from Glenmore Street, Salamanca Road, Upland Road and the Cable Car. The only public vehicle access is through Centennial entrance on Glenmore Street.

Wellington Cable Car:

The line runs between Cable Car Lane (near Lambton Quay & Grey St) and the Botanic Gardens (at the end of Upland Road).

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