All My Sons: Week 67

Barret and I followed the crowd of grey hair through the doors of the Circa Theatre. We walked past the usher, down the black corridor, and across stiff stalks of Astroturf. I appreciated the unusual approach to stage design which turned the entire ground floor into a garden that ran right up to the front row of the audience.

The only props interrupting the expansive green lawn were two sets of patio furniture. Their pure white color and latticed decoration tried to convey a sense of orderliness , however it was obvious a powerful storm had just blown through.The broken branches and scattered leaves felt like a large scale form of tea cup divination.

From my perch, I felt like a busybody neighbor on a voyeuristic journey. The nation might have been riding a post-war high that hot August summer of 1947, but the Keller family was falling apart before my very eyes. Joe Keller, the father, had barely survived a manufacturing scandal during the war. His wife Kate fervently awaited the return of her missing son while their second child, Chris, was ready to just move on.

When Ann Deever, the fiancé of their missing son, visits at the bequest of Chris, the proverbial shit hit the fan.

With a flash of light, a gunshot shattered the midnight calm. Like a dumbstruck bystander at the scene of an accident, I was too shocked to move. The tears rolled down my face as I tried to absorb the grim implications of responsibility and morality in the modern era.

Happy birthday Barret, let’s go get some drinks now.”

How to get to the Circa Theater: 1 Taranaki Street  Te Aro 6011

2 thoughts on “All My Sons: Week 67

  1. I have to see this again! Thank you. Since you find Miller this provocative, try “Death of a Salesman” which left me astounded and tearful when I saw it on stage for the first time.


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