Santeez: Week 53

New Zealand offers the worst internet connection ever for a developed country. Wifi rates can run as high as $10 an hour and unlimited broadband is as rare as a white elephant. When I find myself cursing the internet for the fourth day in a row, I try to think of places like Santeez. It’s New Zealand’s way of saying, “Sorry you can’t e-file your taxes. I hope your sand fly bites heal soon too.”

The restaurant’s name, Santeez, sounds as exciting as a strip mall beauty salon. However, behind the bushy courtyard an irrepressibly cheerful restaurant owner offers an entirely gluten free menu. It was the first time I could eat everything a café served and I tried it all: from lasagna, salmon cake and quiche to cookies and cake.

“You know what,” I told the owner one day as she approached our table, “my boyfriend and I had planned to try all the restaurants in town. The problem is, the food here is so good that we don’t want to go anywhere else.”

“Oh, that’s a good problem to have,” she replied with a smile as gentle as a down feather.

Why was I upset again?

How to get to Santeez: 93 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri – across from the police station

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