Auckland: Week 49

One of the first things that stood out from the vicinity of the airport were the trees. Their leaves resembled thick pine needles and they uniformly pointed skyward, like an umbrella blown inside out by the wind.

“Barret, look at that wacky cell phone tower.”

“I think that’s a tree.”

“No it’s not- the leaves are all wrong.”

After seeing many more similar trees I came to the conclusion that they either had to be real or New Zealand has fantastic coverage.

We had an hours wait before we could check in, so we hit the street in search of a decent lunch. Right around the corner from our downtown hostel was the Lorne Street Café. The décor was modern and streamlined and the rock garden on the floor of the patio had a Zen garden feel. The menu offered an upscale version of the usual breakfast fare- eggs, bacon, French toast, ect. But what really caught my eye were four wonderful words: Gluten-free bread available.

“Could I have the French toast with gluten-free bread?” I anxiously queried the server.

“Let me ask the cook,” she replied.

The next minute was tense with anticipation.

“No problem.”

Such a nonchalant answer for such an exciting offering! It was my first French toast and it was gluten-free and from a restaurant. Not an easy combination to find, especially when living in Korea. I had a feeling I was going to fall in love with New Zealand.

How to get to Lorne Street Cafe: 10-14 Lorne St (Shop 1), Auckland Central

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