Chuncheon: Week 45

Chuncheon is at the end of a long ride on the metro. The stops are frequent and the longer we rode, the more uncomfortable the seats became. However, the reward at the end of the journey was a dedicated street of dalk galbi restaurants. Dalk galbi is a scrumptious mixture of chicken, red pepper paste, soft yam and fresh vegetables that is cooked at the table. Each bite is a little piece of spicy heaven hot off the grill. The gimchi and side dishes are plentiful and when the chicken ran low we ordered bowls of rice topped with dried seaweed. The rice is mixed into the remaining dalk galbi and the result is some of the best fried rice in Asia.

As we were all from Las Vegas we decided to visit the local dam afterwards. While not nearly as impressive as the Hoover Dam, the views were pleasant and the air fresh. After a quick stroll across we escaped the cold wind and got back on the metro. It was a long journey back, but we left incredibly satisfied in the clutch of a food coma.

How to get to Chuncheon: Catch a bus from Dongseoul Bus Terminal or take the Gyeongchun metro line to the end- Chuncheon Station. Stop by the tourist desk outside the station for directions and attraction information.

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