Mies Container: Week 42

Chain links, steel, safety hats, men and salad. The interior of Mies Container played off the idea of a tastefully decorated construction project. It was modern and ironically deconstructed- an extremely subtle and un-kitschy Korean version of Hooters. Behind the counter an all male staff greeted the largely female clientele and periodically shouted out cheers in unison. After ordering, my friend and I took our numbered construction hat and set it down in the middle of the table.

The waiter delivered the food with a high five for the both of us. Even the men dragged there by their girlfriends could not escape the enthusiasm of the waiters. I washed down my meal with cherry lime aid and conversation. However, no amount of high fives from stylish young men could keep me from my second task of the day. Barret was returning home from his vacation in Las Vegas and the date was marked with 56 hearts on my calendar. I just simply can’t emphasize enough how much I love gluten-free cookies from America.

How to get to Mies Container: Gangnam Station, Line 2 Exit #9. Walk straight and take the second road on your right.  It will be on the left inside the 1st floor of Time Building.

One thought on “Mies Container: Week 42

  1. Not too sure what kind of food was being served there, but a great idea for a restaurant that would work in the U.S. Enjoyable reading.


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