Arthouse Momo: Week 33

At the heart of Ehwa Women’s University, surrounded by an autumnal forest, was an enormous trench carved right through the middle of the hillside. The entire walkway was lined with glass windows and had a staircase fit for a giant on the opposing end. Once the sun set, the opaque panels faded away and the interior of the hill emerged like a giant ant farm.

Inside the hive of activity were studying students, cafes, shops, and an independent movie theater called Arthouse Momo. It was definitely one of the most exciting and cool theater locations I have ever visited. Barret, my friend and I all bought tickets for a film called Biutiful. However, we soon discovered that it contained every other language but English. As the only one who knows any Spanish, I granted myself permission to break the cardinal rule of silence.

“Um, he is dying of cancer,” I whispered to my left and right.

“Yeah, I could tell. He looks like shit and he’s at the doctor. What did his wife say?”

“Well,” I paused, “She’s… mad?”

“I swear this movie preview was in English the last time I came,” my friend apologized.

“Who is that guy?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you?” Barret shot back at me.

“Never mind. Guess what!” I confidently breathed with stale curry breath, “I know that Korean verb! He asked if someone had called.”

I really need to catch this movie again at a DVD bang, for Barret’s sake of course.

How to get to Arthouse Momo: Line 2, Ewha Women’s University Station, Exit 4. Walk straight until you see the campus entrance on your left. Arthouse Momo is through door 3 of the hillside passageway.

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