Subway Bunnies & the National Museum of Korea: Week 26

The clash of soft white baby bunnies against the blood red brick wall was a delightful incongruity within the crowded and cavernous tunnels of Seoul Station. I threw my purse at Barret and rushed to squeeze the small quivering bodies clumped together on a box. I wanted to hug the whole bunch like a crazed rabbit women before pushing them off to hop free and spread joy to the other passengers. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have your seat warmed by a precious little angel bunny. It only costs 2,000 won to make that a reality.

The well manicured landscape surrounding the museum had all the necessary elements for a dignified Asian garden. There was a large reflecting pond, a small traditional pavilion, stone lanterns, fragrant flowers, and IV bags strapped to tree trunks. The bloated plastic bags slowly dripped their mysterious liquid from slender translucent tubes.

Inside the East wing was the free permanent museum collection. Barret and I strolled through the quiet Prehistory collection of early hunting tools. As we progressed through the exhibit, simple black flint blades gave way to bronze production. In the Gaya period we found a rest spot. With such a heavy backpack and ‘the hunger’ lurking, Barret wasn’t sure he could last another 1,000 years or so.

However, the delicate and whimsical gold crown from the tourism guidebook beckoned us with its’ antler-like projections and dangling gold discs that resembled small bursts of fireworks. “Barret, how could you suggest missing the delicate and whimsical gold crown?” Once again, reason triumphed over hunger and back pain.

How to get to the National Museum: Subway Line 4, Ichon Station exit #2

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