Photo and Imaging Expo: Week 6

After attending a strobe lighting seminar in Seoul, I realized I needed to take my photography equipment more seriously. This decision led me to Coex, which, aside from being the largest underground shopping mall in Asia, was also hosting the Photo and Imaging Expo. The large multinational companies like Canon and Nikon had the most prominent locations with models languidly posing about constructed sets. Around the women, a predominantly male crowd swarmed and vied for the best shot. While some backdrops were half-hearted fantasy reproductions, others had a decidedly more voyeuristic feel.

As I pushed my way through the hoards of photographers, I began to realize how inadequate my camera was. Where was my telephoto lens? My lighting kits and small step ladders? After a few hours of examining products and contemplating my budget, I had an epiphany. I retraced my route back to a narrow aisle against the side of the convention center and made a very important decision- I upgraded my camera strap.

How to get to Coex:

Green line 2 Samseong Station

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