I Have a Dream: Week 3

Tucked away in the basement of a plastic surgery complex, is one of the most unique restaurants in Seoul. Once the elevator doors open you are thrust into a whimsical environment. The lack of windows actually adds to the ambiance, as one feels like they fell down the rabbit’s hole and landed in another world. There are two levels which fan around the centrally located stage (which in itself looks like a video art installation).

The dinnerware is mismatched, like what you might find on a thrift store shelf. Enclosed inside beautifully illustrated children’s books, the menu is spread out on every other page. While I haven’t tried everything, everything that I have tried has been delicious. If you go with a group of friends, be sure to split the wine patbingsu. It’s an appropriately wacky mix of cream cheese tasting ice cream, wine, cereal, and sweet red beans.

How to get there:

The tall building directly behind Gangnam exit 7 – Line 2

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