Guinsa Temple Stay: Week 2

As I lay under thick covers, the heat radiated off the floor. From some tucked away corner within the dorm building came the faint sound of a Buddhist chant. With peace of the sort that could never be found in Seoul, I was drifting off to sleep when a soft rap sounded against the door. One of the men in my temple stay program, a goofy giant named Cezary, ducked his head through the door frame and entered. In his hand was a small packet with a floral embellishment.

His wet hair was plastered against his head while his expression appeared concerned. “What did I wash my hair with?” he sheepishly asked.  “Where did you find this?” my friend replied after examining the packet. Suddenly the interest of every girl in the room was piqued. “In the [communal] bathroom. It says SHAM on it,” he resonded. While I was ready to close the case and fall back asleep, my bilingual friend let out a howl of laughter.

“I am going to be direct- this is a wash for your vagina.”

At first Cezary had a startled look, then a boyish grin emerged. After borrowing genuine shampoo, Cezary immediately returned to the scene of the crime to cleanse his hair of feminine deoderizers.  Like a false cognate, it is easy to be deceived when traveling abroad. Even within the dorms of a peaceful and serene Buddhist temple.

How to get to Guinsa:

Buses depart daily from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, Line 2: Gangbyeon Station

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